Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100 in 2021

If you want to get the most out of your favourite music or podcast, noise-cancelling headphones are the way to go. They block out ambient noise around you, making it easy to focus on what’s playing – something that’s especially useful when flying, working at a coffee shop, or just being out in public. While headphones with active noise cancelling (ANC) have been around for a long time, technology has progressed a ton previously few many years and has become more and more popular. ANC earphones can help keep you focused in a noisy office, or help block out engine sound on planes, trains, or buses. Not all ANC performs the same, but since noise-cancelling headsets have become so popular, there are now a ton of options in every possible price range, and it can be hard to know which ones are worth it. We’ve rounded up twenty-five of the best ones you can get for less than $100.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100 in 2021:

1. Soundcore Life Q20: Overall Winner of Best Noise Cancelling Headphone Under $100

Anker’s Soundcore brand name has been in the forefront of plenty of budget-minded sound devices, and the life span Q20 headphones are usually another reminder of the reason why Soundcore is among the most compelling gamers in the overall game.

Utilizing a hybrid energetic sound cancellation system made up of 4 ANC microphones, an interior feedback microphone, plus an exterior feedforward mic, the Soundcore Existence Q20 can easily block around 90% associated with ambient noise. That’s mainly focused on the low and mid-finish of audio frequencies, permitting the Q20 to efficiently silence the reduced rumble of an aeroplane motor or blowing air conditioning equipment.

40mm drivers enable powerful sound, which includes Soundcore’s BassUp tech that strengthens the effect of any bass within your songs. Battery life can be outstanding, with the Q20 providing you 40 hrs of complete playback. When it can come time and energy to replenish, plugging the earphones set for just five minutes will do for four hours usage. The only downside? Very few colour choices.

2. TaoTronics SoundSurge 60

The TaoTronics BH060 are comfortable over-ear headphones that are decently well-built. Unfortunately, our unit showed a significant mismatch between their drivers. Their sound quality was sub-par and very dark-sounding. On the upside, they have a great 30-hour battery life, and their ANC feature is pretty good and useful when commuting or at the office. They also have excellent wireless range. If you manage to get a unit with matched motorists, they can be a decent choice with good value. The TT-BH060 are fairly low-profile over-ears due to their all-black design. They don’t particularly stand out and they look like most standard headphones. The cups are dense and the padding is thick. The headphones are made out of matte black plastic and look fairly good, but won’t be as flashy as other headphones.

3. Mpow H10 Upgrade Noise Cancelling Headphones

Breaking the bank isn’t always necessary to get great products, and the Mpow H10 is the best budget noises cancelling headsets we’ve reviewed so far. These over-ears are comfortable and have a great active noise cancelling feature for their price point. They even allow for about 23 hours of continuous listening, which is good. They can also be used wired if you ever need to reduce the latency or if the battery pack is dead.

Sound-wise, they’re better suited for bass-heavy music. They have an exciting V-shaped sound profile with an overemphasis in both the bass and treble ranges. Their ANC can reduce a good amount of lower-end noises, such as engine rumble, that is great for your everyday commute or if you often take a plane.

Unfortunately, their price reflects in the build quality. They’re decently built, but feel extremely plasticky and the hinges make a very loud cracking sound when you fold them in. Also, their microphone isn’t the best for making calls, especially not in noisy situations. However, if you’re on a tight budget, their price-to-efficiency ratio is excellent and they’re among the best sound cancelling headphones available at an affordable price.

4. Cowin E7 Wireless

The Cowin E7 are spending budget noise-cancelling headphones with an excellent wireless range but mediocre sound quality. They’re good for some uses but tend to sound just a little darkish and muffled. On the upside, they have a moderately comfortable design, an extended battery existence, and block a respectable amount of noise for commuting. Regrettably, their budget cost shows within their construction, which feels a little bit cheap sometimes. The Cowin E7 is usually mediocre for combined usage. These earphones block plenty of ambient sound for commuting and do not leak very much in quieter configurations like the workplace. They’re not probably the comfiest for several listeners, however, they have a well balanced enough fit they won’t instantly drop off your ears if you run using them. Regrettably, they will have sub-par audio that won’t be perfect for crucial listening and could even sound as well dark for even more casual listeners.

5. Letscom H033C

All of the headphones on this list give you a lot of bang-for-your-buck, but none go quite as far in this regard as the LETSCOM H033C. If you’re trying to spend as little as possible while still getting a quality pair of headphones, these are for you.

Design-wise, the H033C looks pretty good. There’s a textured pattern on the sides of the earcups, not to mention the incredible red colour LETSCOM offers. They’re also comfy to wear thanks to the well-padded headband.

LETSCOM’s 40mm drivers and Hi-Fi sound mean the H033C sound a lot better than you’re likely expecting. Everything has an enjoyable balance to it, and when you combine that with effective noise cancellation, the result is pretty darn great. The 25-hour battery life isn’t awful, but compared to the other headphones on our list, it’s the weakest of the bunch.

6. Mpow H17

For those occasions when you’re in an extended car trip or international flight, having a set of headphones that you could rely on never to die halfway during your trip are crucial. There are many headphones upon this listing with good battery life, however, the Mpow H17 take points a step additional.

How much more? Mpow promises 45 hours usage time per cost with the H17, that is mind-boggling no matter price. Better still, just 10 minutes of charging offers you two hrs of extra playback. If you inquire us, that’s darn amazing.

Outside the legendary electric battery existence, the Mpow H17 furthermore deliver great sound quality because of 40mm motorists that kick out there heavy, powerful bass. The earphones can fold around be travel-friendly, there is a physical change to regulate the active sound cancelling, and the ear cushions are usually nice and smooth for comfy hearing sessions.

7. RCA Bluetooth Headphones

RCA is one particular company which has been around for a long time, but so far as customer tech products move, it is not as prominent since it once was previously. However, with regards to inexpensive noise-cancelling earphones, RCA has among the best choices on the market.

These RCA earphones are an easy task to overlook, but you would be passing up on something excellent if you did. They will have a 30-hour battery existence, energetic noise-cancelling that may block around 90% of ambient noise, and outstanding sound quality.

Possibly the biggest draw to RCA’s headphones may be the design. Because of the soft hearing pads, breathable mesh, and sufficient padding, they are probably the comfiest headphones it is possible to deal with your ears to.

8.  OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones

Finally, let’s talk about OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones. OneOdio is a relatively unidentified brand, but it just so happens to make some of the very best headphones in this price segment.

Taking a look at the spec sheet regarding OneOdio’s earphones, it’s darn impressive what you get for your money. There’s Hi-Fi sound with an emphasis on powerful bass, active noise cancelling, Bluetooth 5.0, 40-hour battery lifestyle, charging is done via USB-C. If you request us, all of that sounds perfect.

These are still under the $100 restriction, but they are the most expensive headsets on our checklist – possibly getting them a non-starter for folks trying to watch what they spend. However, if you can afford them, OneOdio is offering something really specific.

9. Toshiba RZE-BT1200H

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Toshiba, my mind instantly drifts to its old Windows laptops. Whatever the Toshiba name means to you, chances are you probably didn’t think to associate the company with noise-cancelling headphones.

The Toshiba RZE-BT1200H isn’t the most popular headphones out there, but they’re certainly worth your consideration. They have a good design with fun colours, with the blue one shown here being especially vibrant and punchy. You also get a free carrying case in the box, which is excellent touch at this price point.

Toshiba promises high-quality sound with deep bass, and thanks to a 33-feet operating range for the wireless connection, you can freely walk around your home without worrying about the audio cutting in and out. Perhaps the biggest downside is the 20-hour battery life, that is quite a bit lower compared to the other picks on this list.

10. Sony MDR-ZX310AP

The black MDR-ZX310AP ZX Series Stereo Headset from Sony allows you to playback audio and take calls from your compatible smartphone. They feature 30mm drivers with Ferrite magnets as well as an in-line microphone and smartphone remote. Their remote is compatible with Sony’s Smart Key app for Android devices, allowing you to customize how the remote control your device.

11. JLab Audio Studio ANC

The on-ear style of the Studio ANC makes them a sort of middleman between over-ear headphones and in-ear wearables, which makes for a mixed bag of benefits and drawbacks. JLab arms the Studio ANC with Bluetooth 5 technology, which is solid considering far more expensive headphones are still working with older Bluetooth versions that lack the range and speed benefits of the newer tech. The Studio ANC have what JLab calls “Cloud Foam” earcups and an adjustable faux leather headband. It’s a comfortable combination at first, but I couldn’t help but notice that feeling start to wear over time. It may not be a huge deal to most, but the headphones created more pressure than was necessary, and it became a factor over longer listening sessions. If there is a catch with the Studio ANC, battery life isn’t it. I’ve been listening to these consistently for the past week, and I haven’t even unwrapped the charging cable. That’s remarkable for headphones at this price, and to me, it stands out as one of the best aspects of the Studio ANC. Feature-wise, there isn’t much else to mention. The voice assistant integration works well, and I was able to make Amazon Alexa my default A.I. despite JLab just listing Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant as options. They were fine to take on walks, though I’d caution against exercise with them. There’s no waterproof rating for the Studio ANC on JLab’s website, that is the reason for concern about how they would hold up to sweat or rain.

12. Mixcder E10

Mixcder has several sub-$100 wireless headphones, and the E10 headphone is its current top-of-the-line model and has the best sound and build quality with the most comfortable fit with cushy ear cups. Some of the step-down models lack definition (clarity and detail), but the E10 sounds pretty decent, with a reasonable amount of definition in its bass for music. The noise-cancellation of these over-ear headphones is fairly effective (good, not great) and battery life is rated at around 30 hours with a quick charge feature that gives you 3 hrs of battery life from an 8-minute charge.

13. Panasonic RP-HTX90N

Panasonic calls the style of its Bluetooth headphone RP-HTX90N “retro-modern,” and that’s exactly what it is. Based on one of our favourite budget wired pair of ear cup headphones, the RP-HTX80, this wireless version with active noise cancelling is comfortable and lightweight. These are warmer closed-back earphones that lack some treble clarity and aren’t dynamic, but the audio quality is pleasant overall with decent enough noise-cancelling. Battery life is rated at 24 hours of playback, and a 15-minute quick charge gives you 2.5 hours juice.

The noise-cancelling is decent though not stellar. Ultimately, for its slightly higher price tag, the biggest reason to buy this Bluetooth model is because of its design and comfort level. It usually sells for around $120, but some colours, including the blue shown here, sometimes cost less than $100.

14. Sony MDR-7506: Best Sony Studio Headphones

The MDR-7506 is a staple within the recording, film and live arenas. Because of its reduced impedance and closed-ear design, these headphones do a superb job of reducing background sound while providing a lot of quantity in the studio or the industry. Additionally, the shut design helps eliminate headphone bleed when overdubbing in the studio.

The MDR-7506 can be an over-ear design and is fantastic for use with MIDI workstations, camcorders, or other equipment with significantly less than powerful headphone amplification. The headphone includes a foldable style, making it practical to shop or transportation, and its coiled cable enables it to extend and spring back to place once you want a little more reach.

15. AKG N700NC Wireless

If you would like something with a more neutral sound user profile, get the AKG N700NC. These over-ear headphones tend to be comfier and premium-feeling than the Anker Soundcore Existence Q20 Wireless, and also have an extremely well-balanced default audio profile, but possess a somewhat worse-performing ANC function and a very much shorter 18-hr battery lifestyle. They appear and feel a lot more premium compared to the Anker because of their mixture of dense plastic material, metal, and natural leather. They sense quite steady on the top, come with a great difficult travel case, and have a TRRS sound cable having an in-line mic so that you can utilize them wired into an Xbox One or PS4 controller, or together with your cell phone if their electric battery dies. Their neutral and well-balanced good profile is ideal for almost all genres, and you may completely customize it with a parametric EQ within their app. While their ANC fails quite along with the Anker, it’s still decent general and can help filter history chatter and motor sounds.

If you want a lot longer battery living or if the AKG has gone back up in cost, obtain the Anker, but if you want a lot more a premium couple of earphones for very little additional money, the AKG is a fantastic choice as of this price point.

16. Sony WI-SP600N Wireless: Best Sony Sports Headphones Under $100

The best noise-cancelling headphones under $100 with an in-ear design that we’ve tested up to now are the Sony WI-SP600N. These wireless in-ears feel quite sturdy and look superior, with a heavy, rubberized audio cable and dense plastic construction. That solid build quality, in conjunction with the integrated stability fins, makes them a solid option for bringing to the gym or out on a run. Being an added perk, they’re rated IPX4 for water security, although that’s not something we test for.

Their default sound profile is overemphasized but quite even across the bass range, which should please fans of EDM and hip-hop without causing too much in the way of muddiness. If you aren’t an enthusiast, these in-ears are compatible with the feature-packed Sony| Headsets Connect app, which provides a graphic EQ and presets. It also allows you to control their ANC system, which does a decent job of blocking out sounds over the audible spectrum.

On the downside, their battery life is disappointing, at only 5.6 hours with ANC enabled. That said, they do charge fairly quickly, with a 10-15 minute cost providing more than 1 hour of playback. If you’re willing to spend more than $100, consider the Amazon Echo Buds Truly Wireless, which have a longer battery lifestyle, a better-executing ANC program, and the freedom of a real wireless design. Overall though, Sony certainly is a fairly versatile, well-built pair of in-ear headphones.

17. Aukey Latitude Wireless

If you want something cheaper that blocks background sounds with no need of ANC, obtain the AUKEY Latitude. These Bluetooth in-ears don’t feel very as long-lasting and comfortable as the Sony WI-SP600N Wireless plus they don’t possess ANC or perhaps a companion app, however, they possess a better-well balanced sound user profile, and isolate history noise better still provided you accomplish an effective seal. Their sound profile includes a bit of additional thump but will be versatile enough for some genres because the bass isn’t overpowering. Their in-line remote control also offers several EQ presets so that you can change their audio if you would like pretty much bass. Regrettably, their battery just lasts 7.3 hrs, which isn’t excellent, though it’s even now longer compared to Sony’s battery.

If you would like convenient in-ears with an ANC function and you also don’t mind investing a little more, opt for the Sony. Nevertheless, if you need to stretch your budget and don’t want ANC, the AUKEY is a decent option that may still enable you to get some tranquillity.

18. JVC HAFX65BNB Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones

JVC doesn’t have enough credit when it comes to audio products, but these wireless headphones deserve a look – and the listen.

The company’s popular “bass boost” function is featured prominently on these cups, with a side button that pumps up the beats with a single touch, but even softer genres of music (think jazz or classical) farewell with these headphones. You won’t have the same rich detail that some of the additional models on our listing supply, but audio comes through clean, clear and crisp – at both ends of the volume button.

Noise cancellation is apparent from the moment you put these on, with the headsets sealing out outside noise like annoying co-worker chatter or the hum of heaters or even air conditioners nearby.

The soft headband and memory foam pads make this a comfortable pair to wear all day. We’ve found these to also be the most durable pair on our checklist. The headband stays place, and the entire unit can handle a few accidental dings and drops with no worry.

Get up to 16 hours of battery lifestyle with the rechargeable battery (11 hrs when Bluetooth is turned on).

19. JBL Live 400BT

With up to 24 hours of battery life, you can listen to your favourite audio all day with the black LIVE 400BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones from JBL. Your favourite music is streamed via Bluetooth wireless technology through 40mm drivers that deliver JBL’s Signature Sound. Thanks to multi-point technology, it is possible to pair the 400BT on-ear headphones with around two devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With the press of a button on the earcup controls, you can easily switch between the two.

The on-ear headphones also feature a built-in microphone, letting you make hands-free calls via your smartphone, or interact with your mobile device’s various digital assistant software programs, such as Google Assistant & Alexa. Use them to send texts, make calls, answer questions, and more; all while your cellular device is safely and conveniently tucked away. Speaking of convenience, the LIVE 400BT headphones features a swivel and fold-flat design that helps to make them more portable and easier to take with you.

20. Avantree ANC031 Headphones

If you’re super stylish and want to keep that fashionable look going all the way from your shoes or boots to your wireless headphones, these are the ones for you. They are nice and comfortable while still having that very slick look. Another handy function is the mute function for the built-in mic, so when you need to mute your voice, that can be done with a press of a key. The battery is not quite as good as others, but they manage to get a reported 28-hours use per charge. Another thing that must be mentioned is that if you’re using these Bluetooth headsets for gaming they do have got the FastStream low latency codec. An honourable mention when it comes to the sound is usually that the bass reduces when the ANC cancelling will be turned on. It does, however, lack a little in the mid-range and treble. The active noise cancelling does a decent job and is perfect for those long haul flights when you want to cut out the background noise of the aircraft.

21. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B

The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b are good headphones that perform moderately well generally in most of our tested categories. They will have an above-typical sound high quality and may block noise pretty well. Regrettably, they can not handle the amount of ambient sound in a teach or plane. They leak a whole lot and can disturb individuals around you at higher volumes. These headsets would perform reasonably nicely as everyday informal headphones, but their leakage is a concern for a few listeners. The ATH-ANC7b deliver a somewhat convenient fit than the ATH-ANC7b SVIS. The padding useful for the ear cups is a lot softer compared to the SVIS design and fairly comfy. They don’t feel as well rigid as soon as on your head and do not apply an excessive amount of stress around your ears. Nevertheless, the headband will not extend much enough for bigger heads. The over-ear cups usually do not encompass the ear completely that may get unpleasant during lengthy listening sessions.

22. Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional

The Audio-Technica ATH-M30x are above-average-sounding headphones with a decently sturdy and comfortable design. They don’t leak much and won’t distract the people around you. However, they are not stable good enough for gym use and won’t fare as well in loud environments because they don’t block very much noise. The comfort level of the ATH-M30x provides been slightly improved from the ATH-M20x model. They have slightly larger ear canal cups that better encompass most listeners ears. They are also not too heavy and don’t apply too much pressure to your head. However, like the M20x they may be a little rigid and do not swivel and also the higher-end models of the same series.

23. Audio-Technica ATH-SR6BTBK

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the ATH-SR6BT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones from Audio-Technica. This pair of headphones give you the ability to enjoy your favourite audio wirelessly via Bluetooth technology, or through a traditional wired connection. The A 3.9′ detachable 3.5mm audio cable is included to transition between the two modes.

The SR6BT headphones deliver powerful sound with large, 45mm drivers, and can achieve high-resolution sonic reproduction when used with the included 3.5mm audio cable, with a frequency response of 5 Hz to 40 kHz. The ATH-SR6BT headphones feature support for NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies. When used in combination with NFC-compatible devices, you get the opportunity to quickly pair your mobile devices by simply touching, or bringing your device within an inch of the earphones. Once an NFC connection is established, the new device is added to the headphone’s memory as a trusted wireless device.

24. Sony MDR-ZX110NC

The Sony MDR-ZX110NC are mediocre combined usage headphones which have good audio reproduction and do not leak much. Regrettably, they sense cheaply produced and badly isolate listeners from ambient sound. They don’t fare nicely in noisy, noisy conditions and possess no control choices when linked to your disappointing cell phone. The Sony MDR-ZX110NC have decent good high quality for neutral hearing. Instruments and vocals aren’t drowned out, even though they lack a little bit of clearness, and the bass packs an ample amount of punch. Nevertheless, they have an unhealthy soundstage and absence the fine detail that good neutral listening earphones provide.