Shure has updated its SRH840 and SRH440 headphones with a new style and improved sound quality, respectively.

Shure has updated its SRH840 and SRH440 headphones with a new style and improved sound quality, respectively.

For mixing, Shure’s award-winning SRH440 and SRH840 headphones are well-regarded among sound professionals as reasonably priced balanced headphones with excellent sound quality.

While most people can agree that the sound quality is excellent, the design was beginning to appear a little obsolete at this point.

Shure has responded by introducing the SRH440A and SRH840A headphones, which are the second generation of the original models. The new design offers improved audio quality, long-lasting comfort, and the legendary Shure durability.

Sean Sullivan, a Global Product Manager at Shure, explained that today’s consumers are looking for high-quality audio without sacrificing elegance or comfort. “A low-profile design that looks fantastic on camera, as well as better acoustics that assure clear, consistent audio reproduction, are all provided by this update. Professional recording engineers and content makers will benefit from a pair of professional headphones that include Shure’s distinctive sound characteristic as well as a sleek, contemporary appearance.”

Because of the 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers in the SRH840A, it produces deep bass, clean mids, and extended highs with tuned frequency response. The headphones include a broad, cushioned headband that is pleasant to use, and they can be collapsible for simple traveling.

This podcasting, home recording, and sound mixing device are meant for professional use. These cans deliver a constant and balanced sound response, allowing for the highest level of precision.

Designed for studio usage, both headphones are closed-back, wired models with an emphasis on durability. Both devices are matte-black in color, and they are supplied with detachable cables, 1/4-inch headphone jack adapters, and a carrying case.

In the meanwhile, second-generation headphones are available for purchase. The SRH440A is priced at $99, while the SRH840A is priced at $149.

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